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Company Overview :

Cairo Development and Investment, (S.A.E.) was established on 28 November 1976, according to the provisions of law no. 43 for the year 1974, and its amendments, decree of the Minister of Economy and Economic Cooperation no. 318 for the year 1976, and law no. 159 for the year 1981, and its amendments. The Company was registered at Giza Commercial Register under no. 55146. The term of the company has been extended to another 25 years, starting on 15 December 2001 by virtue of the resolution of the Company’s extraordinary general assembly held on 31 March 2001. Amendment resolution no. 2849 of the year 2001 issued by the Chairman of the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones was published in Investment Journal, Issue no. 4963, dated 5 December 2001 as per the law.

Address of the Company :

The Company's head office is located at 21 Misr Helwan El-Zeraea St, Koorniche El-Nile, Maadi

Purpose of the Company :

The Company aims at participating in the achievement of economic and social development goals associated with the following project fields
  • Housing and urban extension projects; namely the investments directed to the parceling of lands and establishing the utilities related thereto, and to the construction of new buildings of all types whether residential, administrative or tourist for its own account or for account of third parties, providing that the Company shall execute such projects based on compliance with the provisions of Law No. 136 of the year 1981 and the Authority's board resolution No. 135/8/ 1986.
  • The projects concerned with reclaiming and cultivating wastelands and desert lands, and animal production and water wealth development projects. The reclamation of wastelands and desert lands shall take place by way of long-term lease the period of which shall not exceed fifty (50) years and may be extended to another period or other periods not exceeding fifty years, subject to the Cabinet of Minister's approval as based on the Authority's proposition.
  • The manufacturing, mining, tourist fields as well as other fields.
  • The reconstruction activity practiced outside the current agricultural land area and city boundaries.
  • The field of contracting works.
The company's purposes shall not include the acceptance of deposits or performance of banking works. The Company shall submit an economic feasibility study to the Investment Authority in respect of each project prior to executing it, in the cases stipulated by law and as a condition for the project to benefit by the privileges and provisions stated in the Investment Law. The Company may have an interest in -or have a partnership in any manner whatsoever with- the legal or physical persons which practice activities similar to the Company's activities or assist the Company to achieve its purposes in Egypt or abroad. The Company may also merge into the aforesaid entities or acquire them or affiliate them thereto, subject to the approval of the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones. The Company shall practice its activities within the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The fiscal year starts on:

the first of January of every year

The company auditor :

Mr. Tarek Abdel Rahman El Kadeem

Position of the company shares in the Egyptian Stock Exchange :

The company is listed in the Egyptian Stock Exchange since 1979
No. of issues                                                4 issues
The nominal value of the share:                      L.E. 2
Total number of Share capital (listed):             50.000.000 shares
Issued and paid up capital:                              L.E. 100.000.000
Authorized Capital:                                         L.E. 250.000.000



Subsidiaries and affiliates:    Artig for Investement & Real-estate Co.

                                           Square For Developement & Investment Co.



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